• Between the shores. Written by K. Orłoś on the basis of his own stories from the collection Between the shores. Directed by Witold Lisiewicz. Produced by The Producers' Studio "Iluzjon".


  • Quicksands. A screenplay (coauthor Waldemar Ślesicki). Directed by Waldemar Ślesicki. The Producers' Studio "Iluzjon".
    Distinction in the international film festival in Rio de Janeiro in 1969.


  • The Sign. A film adaptation of the story "Mother and father's child". Written and directed by Irena Kamińska. Television film (not broadcast).


  • The Big Animal. Directed by Jerzy Stuhr based on a screenplay by Krzysztof Kieślowski i Kazimierz Orłoś from 1973, written on the basis of the story "The Camel". Film Studio "Perspektywa". (In 1973 the PRL censorship made it unable for Kieślowki to produce this film because of the publishing of Orłoś's A Marvelous Hangout in France).